Oath Components need little introduction and have become a well-established brand in the scooter industry. Known for stylish, robust parts, their product range is full of innovations and advances that have been long awaited by scooter riders, their range of wheels being no exception.

The first thing that comes to mind when you lock eyes with a set of Oath wheels is that they look fantastic! Sat on the shopfront in their super stylish cardboard packaging, the unique core of the wheel shines through and really stands out amongst the crowd. Your eye is immediately drawn to one of various shimmering colour options and, as you get closer, you notice the super complex core design which is quite unlike anything currently available from other brands. These things certainly look outstanding, but how do they feel to ride?  

Well pretty good it turns out!

Oath’s wheel range is chock full of features that really help make each product something truly special. All wheels in the Oath range make use of Oath’s Exclusive Tactile Urethane Formula, a specialist polyurethane that works to provide a higher combination of grip and strength than is found in wheels measured on the usual urethane hardness scale. In other words, these things are tough, fast and grippy and will see you do well on both boosting box jumps in the skate park and launching down sets and rails in the street.

The Oath wheel range also comes equipped with high-grade Oath Fidelity bearings which have been tried and tested by scooter riders around the world and are the staple bearing used and abused by the Oath PRO team. All you need to do is check out Billy Watts or Jamie Hull throwing down and you will be able to see just what the Fidelity bearings are capable of dealing with on the daily. 

Oath have truly gone the extra mile with these wheels and have designed all of the elements themselves, no copy paste nonsense going on here, just innovation.

There are currently three different wheel types in the Oath range, all of which make use of the components listed above: The Lattice, Stalker and Bermuda. Each of them a showstopper!

All three of these different wheels have been designed from the ground up with functionality and style in mind, tailored to different riding styles. There are a few differences that set each apart from the last, so lets cover those now:

Bermuda – Park

Oath’s flagship Bermuda wheels come in two different sizes, 110mm x 26mm x 24mm and 120mm x 26mm x 24mm. They have been crafted primarily for use in the park and offer the rider a very solid wheel that will help propel them into those air tricks and box bangers. The choice to include both 110mm and 120mm reflects on Oath as an innovative brand and goes alongside their brand ethos that pushes for maximum compatibility. Oath have decided to opt for a 26mm polyurethane thickness, on both 110mm and 120mm sizes, to allow for more grip and control than the traditional 24mm park wheels. Because of the ‘Exclusive Tactile Urethane Formula’, little to no speed is sacrificed to make up this, making these wheels truly something special.

Oath PRO rider, Jamie Hull favours the Bermuda wheel and has adopted the design for his own signature wheel, bringing an extra splash of colour to the already sweet looking design. Jamie also puts the Bermuda wheels through their paces on a daily basis, hammering them with countless trick combos, not to mention the double back flips for which he is known. This goes to back up the fact that the Bermuda wheel is built for riders that mean business.

Stalker – Street / Technical

Next up we have the Stalker wheels. While the Bermuda caters to the park style riders out there, the Stalker provides a great alternative for the more street minded. Coming in at 115mm x 28mm, these wheels also feature their own unique, forged, mirrored hollow core design, bringing these wheels their own identity, reflecting further on the street style for which they have been crafted. The size of the Stalkers make them ideal for building, and keeping, speed on rough terrain, all while the 28mm urethane width works to keep you gripped to the tarmac and provides ample support for carving through tight transitions with speed. These are some tough-as-nails street cruisers and have been constructed to deal with big drops and tight transition alike.

Lattice – Park

Lastly, we have the Lattice wheel. These wheels are, just like the Bermuda, more park aligned. With innovation being Oath’s focal point, these weigh in at just 215g per wheel, making them the most lightweight wheel on the Oath roster. The Lattice wheel retains the tried and tested 110mm x 26mm x 24mm measurements, once again with maximum compatibility in mind. The core of the Lattice wheel is labyrinthian in construct, bringing it an extra cool look, even by Oath’s existing high standards! Once again making use of the Exclusive Tactile Urethane Formula and Fidelity bearing, these wheels will bring the speed and responsiveness that you need to your sessions. 

The Lattice wheels are the go-to choice of Oath PRO rider Billy Watts who has his own signature version. Billy is another park killer who is no stranger to huge trick combos and technical bangers and trust us, you’re going to love these wheels, but maybe not quite as much as Billy!  

Explaining Core Thickness

You may be wondering why the Bermuda and Lattice wheels have an extra measurement featured in their sizing. Well, that’s because a key feature of the Oath park wheels (Bermuda and Lattice) is their 24mm cores.

The 24mm core has been implemented by Oath as an attempt to standardise the compatibility of their wheels, allowing as many riders as possible the option to get these wheels onto their set-ups. This is because the majority of forks currently available ship with spacers to allow for 24mm wheels to fit. You can get spacers for other core sizes, but unless you buy a specialist fork, more often than not you are limited to using 24mm wheels.

Keep in mind that, just because the wheels core is 24mm, it doesn’t mean that your wheel will fit with all 24mm compatible forks. If the polyurethane thickness is 26mm, you will still need a fork / deck that accommodates for the larger 26mm. The core being 24mm simply means that you will find it easier to install the wheel using the standard sized wheel spacers that come with most forks / decks. The 24mm core is Oath’s way of standardising their wheels so you can spend less time faffing around with odd sized spacers, giving you more time to ride.

(If you want some more information on this be sure to check out our other article ‘What’s what, wheels’).

All in all, the Oath wheel range is stylish, functional, and incredibly versatile, offering something for every kind of rider. The inclusion of extras such as Fidelity bearings and the Exclusive Tactile Urethane Formula show that Oath really care about the overall quality of their wheels and these features go a long way to making the Oath wheel range stand out as a high end, luxury feeling and aesthetically pleasing product range.  

On top of all that, it’s definitely worth mentioning that all Oath products come in fully recyclable packaging, so not only do they upgrade your scooter to the next level, they also help make sure there is still going to be a planet for you to throw down on in the future.

Whether your style is chucking full blown park bangers, hitting rails and sets on the daily or jibbing and performing mind melting technical combos, there is an Oath wheel out there with your name on it.