If you ride scooters, you’ll know there's a difference between street riding and park riding.

Park riding is all about going fast, going big and landing massive technical tricks.

Street riding, on the other hand, is a little different. Style and creativity are just as important as going fast and big. There are a lot more grinds too.

In a skatepark, you will usually be riding concrete or wooden ramps. You might find a few flat banks, rails and ledges in the street section, but park riders usually excel on the quarter pipes, half pipes and jump boxes etc… these are the sorts of features you will rarely come across on the street.

Street riding is all about using the architecture of the city around you. Anything you can ride is a feature. Whether it’s a rail, stair set, ledge, bank or something obscure like a tree. If you can make it work, it works.

What Is The Difference Between Park And Street Scooters

With big differences in the features you’ll be riding and the tricks you’ll be trying, there are differences in the scooters too.

Park Scooters

Park riders go fast, big and do lots of technical and overhead tricks.

Park scooters are lightweight with thin decks. This makes them more manoeuvrable so you can do more tricks in the air.

They also generally have lower handlebars. This means you can pull up harder and get more height when you hop.

As well as this, they often have big wheels that help you go bigger and faster.

Street Scooters

Street riding is much more technical and requires tougher components. Street scooters are designed to give you more stability in grinds and control on rough surfaces.

They also have to be very robust to handle abuse from big drops and stair sets.

In general, street scooters have wider, longer decks coupled with taller bars than park scooters. This improves control and balance, and gives these scooters a distinctive style.

They will also have coarse grip tape for more grip and control. Modern street decks, like those by urbanArtt, have integrated dropouts at the back end of the deck which can be used as stunt pegs for grinds.

What Are The Best Scooters For Street And Park?

Now you know a little bit about the differences between the park and street scooters, here are some of the ones we think are the best.

Best Park Scooters


The Invert Supreme Mini 1-4-8 Scooter against a white background.

1. Invert Supreme Mini 1-4-8 Scooter Neo/Black

The invert supreme mini is a great scooter for kids aged 4 to 8. It’s an ideal first scooter for learning and progressing your skills at the skatepark. In neochrome oil slick and black, it looks cool too.

This park scooter features classic “T” bars, hollow core wheels and a high performing Invert V3 deck. So you know it’s lightweight enough to progress tricks whilst being able to take a beating at the skatepark.


The Triad Psychic Delinquent Mini Complete Scooter against a white background.

2. Triad Psychic Delinquent Mini Complete Scooter - Black/Blue/Purple/Goblin

The Triad Psychic Delinquent Mini is lightweight and robust. It’s ideal for kids aged 5 - 9.

If you're looking for a park scooter to take your tricks to the next level, this is a great choice.

It features lightweight aluminium Smuggler bars that help with big tricks and combos on the park.

The Sullivan Resolute Stunt Scooter against a white background.

3. Sullivan Resolute Stunt Scooter Black/Neo Bar

The Resolute Stunt Scooter is a park scooter that’s designed to handle abuse.

The sleek black design with Neo Chrome highlight components gives it a clean look that will turn heads.

This park scooter features a heat treated 6061 Aluminum deck, steel T-bars with soft marbled TPR grip and 110mm hand-poured wheels with high-rebound 86A polyurethane.

The Resolute Stunt Scooter also comes with front and rear deck caps to avoid any sharp edges and a powerful rear foot brake.

With a 2-year manufacturers warranty, you can push this scooter to the limits and progress at the skatepark without worrying about breaking parts.


The Invert Supreme 3-10-14 Scooter against a white background


4. Invert Supreme 3-10-14 Scooter Black/Raw

The Invert Supreme 3-10-14 park scooter is a serious weapon on the skatepark.

Designed for kids aged 10-14, this park scooter features a Y bar design and a fully integrated and sealed headset.

The capped, invert V3 aluminium deck is lightweight for manoeuvrability in the skatepark and forged stainless steel forks are very strong.

This park scooter also has 10 spoke 110mm alloy core wheels with high rebound PU and new Invert transition 165mm grips.


The Triad Psychic Totem Complete Scooter against a white background

5. Triad Psychic Totem Complete Scooter Stone/Black/Red/Totem

The Psychic Totem is a competent park scooter with a sleek raw and black colourway with hints of red.

The stunning park scooter features smuggler 7 series aluminium bars, Billy Watts Signature wheels and Triad’s exclusive clear cast grip tape.

Best Street Scooters

The Triad Psychic Fugitive Complete Scooter against a white background


1. Triad Psychic Fugitive Complete Scooter Stone Raw/Black/Fugitive

The Psychic Fugitive is a street machine. With tall bars and a long, wide deck, this scooter gives great control on all surfaces. And it’s built to handle big impacts.

This street scooter comes with Butted Cro-mo Urbanartt bars and a 5.1" x 21" Boxed Psychic deck. With the 5-0 Gridlock System, this scooter locks into 5-0 stalls with ease.

The Oath Bermuda 110mm urethane wheels are 26mm wide for a wider turn circle.

This street scooter has excellently designed parts for street riding with the strength and durability to match.

The Invert Curbside Street Scooter against a white background

2. Invert Curbside Street Scooter Medium - Black

The Invert Curbside is a high performing street scooter with an understated colour scheme for extra style.

This great value street scooter is fitted with 115x24mm Alloy core wheels with laser etching and hand-poured 88A PU.

It has a heat-treated lightweight aluminium deck with an integrated headset and rear deck inserts. It also comes with an SCS alloy fork and 4130 cro-mo bars.

3. Triad Psychic Black Mail Complete Scooter - Satin Black/Black/Snake

The Psychic Black Mail is a stylish street scooter with some top spec components. This is one of the best riding street scooters you can buy. It’s a great choice for serious riders.

It is fitted with Triad, Oath and UrbanArtt parts, so you know this street scooter means business. You’ll not need to replace anything anytime soon.
Why spend hundreds on trial and error building your perfect scooter when you can get this street weapon straight out of the box.

The Invert Curbside Street Scooter against a white background

4. Invert Curbside Street Scooter Large - Titanium

We’ve mentioned the Invert Curbside street scooter before, but the titanium model is worth another mention. It’s a great street scooter at a great value price.

It features 115x24mm Alloy core wheels with laser etching and, hand poured 88A PU, heat treated lightweight aluminium deck with an integrated headset and rear deck inserts, SCS alloy fork and 4130 cro-mo bars.


The UrbanArtt Butter Deck against a white background

5. UrbanArtt Butter Deck - Yellow

Now, this isn’t a scooter, but this deck is so good it had to make the list. UrbanArtt are known for making some of the best street parts on the market, and the butter deck is a top tier street deck.

Like the name suggests, this deck is smooth on all surfaces. It features a forged head tube, low profile flat deck with radius edge, Chromoly encased nylon dropouts, 6 position wear rotation system incorporating wheel spacers and nut.

It’s also available with the option for a brake or a fender. Whatever works best for you.


Which Park Or Street Scooter Do You Like Best?

Now you know a bit more about the best scooters for street and park, which one do you like best? If you want something a bit different to the scooters on that list, why not head browse all of our pro scooters.

With so many to choose from, we’re sure there will be something you like.